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Rectangle Center Extension

Rectangle Center Extension Dining Table

What sorts of spaces Rectangles are good for?

Most dining tables are rectangle shaped. These tables work well in spaces that are longer than they are wide, which is typically the shape of most dining rooms.

How they can be used?

A rectangle dining table is an efficient way to seat people at the table.  Typically you have one person at each end and a variable number of people on each side, depending on the length of the table. They also make good use of the space in the middle of the table, whether you eat your meals plated, family style, or buffet style.  

How Center extensions work?

Center extensions are the classic design for table leaves.  The table pulls open and leaves are added in with pins to help secure them in place. With Center Extensions, the grain on the whole table, including the leaves, runs the width of the table

How they compare to ovals?

Round and oval tables both have an inviting organic shape that are friendly for traffic flow. A round dining table will fit into square shaped spaces while an oval dining table will fit into more rectangular spaces. 

How they compare to Squares?

A Square End Extension Table is similar to a rectangle extension table in that they both add leaves to the ends and create a rectangle or at least a larger one when the leaves are in place.  A Square End Extension Table, though, is a great solution for a smaller space as the everyday size is smaller, typically perfect for 2-4 people.

They can be end extension tables?

If preferred, Rectangle extension tables can be designed to have the leaves added to the ends instead of the middle of the table. 


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