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Live Edge

Quick Points

  • Live Edge, 
  • Flat Ends
  • Walnut has a blonde edge
  • Natural, variance

What is it?

Wood dining tables with a Live Edge feature the natural edge of the tree the wood came from. The sides can range from a tame live edge to a wild live edge. The ends of a Live Edge table are flat. These tables are typically around 2” thick.

Why do I want it?

The appeal of the Live Edge is that it celebrates the natural wood in both the shape and the coloring. The shape is determined by the edge of the tree itself. In terms of coloring, particularly with a walnut live edge, you will get a blonde edge and darker tones towards the center of the table. These colors vary by the individual tree.

Where does it suit?

A Live Edge is a great choice for a rectangular dining table that is a focal point for your space. It is also a good option for a coffee table.


An image of a Live Edge Dining Table.An image of a live edge table. An image of a live edge table.An image of a live edge walnut table.

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